Moving to a new apartment


Recently, I have changed my job.

I live in Seoul and want to move to another apartment, which is much closer to my workplace.

I have managed to find a nice apartment with the help of very kind people from nearby 부동산. 

However, I have a heavy furniture and other stuff with me to move to the new apartment.

I am curious if there any good service to handle it?

The service which can provide transportation, a couple of people for carrying heavy stuff, and cleaning afterwards.

Thank you!

Re: Moving to a new apartment

Just a small update on my movement.

While searching the WEB I found one resource that helped me a lot.

In this site I found all things I needed. It provides a simple caluclator that helped me to estimate the cost of my movement. I also agreed with the company to move all my stuff and cleaning.

Very simple to use. Of course some basic korean is needed, and you always have google translate by your side :)

Hope this helps!