Moving back to Korea

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Moving back to Korea

I lived in Pusan from 1993-1998, having taught at Pusan National University for the last year I was there. My wife of 16 years is from Haeundae. We are considering moving back to Busan in the future. We have a daughter in 10th grade and a son in 5th grade.

Questions...I have a Master's Degree in Special Education and a certified to teach English and Special Education in Maryland. What would my job options look like (university, private lessons, etc)? How hard would it be for me to get an f6 Visa? What would my kids' visa status be?

We can afford Busan Foreign School. Would it be worth moving in the next year or 2, or wait till the kids are out of school? In other words, how good of an education would my kids get at BFS?

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Re: Moving back to Korea

I don't know how you have educated your daughter (after-school classes or not) or what the foreign schools are like, but if she has been educated in the western way (with free time in the evenings) then I don't think she will enjoy Korean public high schools.