Mommy/baby programs

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Mommy/baby programs

 I will be moving to Busan in March from Canada and I was wondering if anyone knows of any mother baby programs that are in english.  For example, Mother baby yoga classes or mother groups who go hiking.



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Hello Natalie, Depending on

Hello Natalie,

Depending on which area in Busan you'll be, I know a group of expat moms that plans activities once a week. I'm sure they know more programs like this... [email protected].. Have a wonderful stay in Busan =)

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how old is your kid?

 hey natatlie, my wife is one of the current organizers of the mumsntots group.  they meet on fridays and do various things.  she usually meets with one or two of the ladies once or twice during the week in addition to the friday meetings.  our daughter is nearly 15 months old, how old is your baby?  feel free to contact me back channel and i will give you my wife's email address

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expat parents

hi! i'm the mom of a 15month old daughter i've been going nuts trying to (without success) find other expat parents and/or play groups and programs. i'm so glad i stumbled upon this thread!

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That email address doesn't

That email address doesn't work.  Do you have one that works?