Mexican food >> another new restaurant >> O'Taco>> beside PukyongDae

Just opened in front of the back gate of Pookyoungdae is the Mexican fast-food chain called O'Taco... The restaurant is right next to the Aussie Burger. To find it, just walk down the alley alongside Pookyoungdae.


Their choices usually revolve around beef, chicken, ground beef, spicy pork (Korean gochu), and vegetarian (cheese & bean). Tostadas are 7,500. The beans are from cans.

The menu: tacos, burritos, fajitas (11 to 13,000) chimichangas, quesadillas (8 to 10,000), and "other stuff", like cheese nachos and chili/cheese fries. The lunch menu is at a discount and includes a soft drink for 7,500. The lunch burrito I ordered filled me up and had a nice beef flavor, but had a rice filler. My friend's chimi lunch was good, but the portion left him feeling hungry.

They also have a  selection of cocktails like margaritas 8,000, mojitos 6,000, and other less expensive stuff at 5,000.

Its nice to have another local eatery, but if I want better flavor, I would go to Uan Tae's place in Haeundae ( Taco al Puebla-Sea Cloud Building). His beans are homemade (not canned) and his cheese is from Costco (not cans of cheese-sauce). The Fuzzy Navel also has some good choices, except the nachos which are made with canned beans and cheese-sauce.

Phone: 051-627-8358

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Have you tried the new French bistro everyone's raving about? Tres Bon is up along from Gwangwhali ,there is a road between Kwangnam elementary school and a Church near the Samick appts. Walk up that road , it's on the bend on the right.The owner is an Edward Haam, he is on Facebug, whatever it's name is?He does some decent pasta.Speaks good English, was trained in France, so he said.Makes his own French breads everyday fresh.

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Busanfoodguy- Many apologies for side tracking, but the title says another new restaurant,doesn't it? I hope you will forgive my indulgence and error of trying to recommend a gourmet place. The chef told me that he trained in France with Jean Paul Bocuse.Who knows, decent gastronomique cuisine ?? Might be good, what do I know?LOL

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Call my cynical but all "foreign" food places here are all either way over priced, the service is not good

or the food is not that great. I have yet to find in 8 years a good place that serves western food with western service

at good prices. Everything here seems so marked up but I ask why???

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Agreed, we had a dispute over this years ago.It's hard to replicate when you have to modify ingredients for the local taste bud.I think we have to blame the first waves of emigrants for some of the stuff eg sweet bread, weird pizzas, bad coffee.(lol)

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I'm with Paul here.  I don't go out for non-Korean food too often here because its often not very good, small, and extremely overpriced.  Nothing's worse than spending 20,000 won or more for a meal and leaving hungry.

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Getting back on topic. I went there today. I had the beef burrito for lunch. It was filled with salad and rice and very little beef. So much so that I didn't think it had much beef flavour. It was filling somewhat bland and lacking in aformentioned beef flavour. The taste wasn't offensive, just not enough of it. I might stop in again to try something else, but my first impression was underwhelming. Overall, for 8,000 won I think you can get better food somewhere else.

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I can't understand why people would expect the same quality of product outside of their own nation.If you are not prepared to spend the money, why complain?Food isn't cheap, especially when it's imported.I had a good Mexican in Seoul, but it was more than 20 bucks.Tortillas are cheap enough, spices aren't pricey here, you can get cumin, paprika and coriander cheaply. The dried poblano and ancho chilli powder can be a bit pricier though.Meat is expensive here these days.Having said this, the prices at this place seem quite cheap.I think you have to remember that you are paying for the skill of the Chef .If Garcia, or that little Texan band were eating there regularly, I would.Perhaps there is a mindset of cheapness that outweighs good quality sometimes.

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First of all, this thread isn't about expecting the same quality of food as home. Second, to respond to your tangential post, I don't expect the same quality of food as home and I never said as much. I went there to try it out, wasn't that impressed and posted here to add to the original post.

I am prepared to spend the money for good quality food, so tell me about the high quality, expensive Mexican restaurant in Busan. It's not how much you spend, but value for money. I expected a little more meat for 8,000 won. I can make a better burrito at home for half the price.

Many people won't pay for good quality. I will pay more if the quality is higher. I can't remember how expensive the Mexican place in Somyon used to be, but as I remember the food was better, so it was probably more expensive. That place closed down.

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 In the meantime, OP, please enjoy the place I recommended. I don't recommend on here often,you can check. I think you'll enjoy Tres Bon and see the skills of the owner at first hand, as his kitchen is open.He told me that he bakes his bread fresh everyday.

Busanfoodguy, if you don't like it, tell the Chef.He was a really pleasant man, really nice, and it's quaint little joint.I had the pasta, it was orgasmic.Nevermind the cream on the plate.Just kidding, it's pretty good.No-one is forcing anyone to go there. If you like nice food, try it.

Admittedly, the prices are more than the Mexican, but they aint bad, considering his skills.Eating out in Korea, seems to be cheaper than buying all of the ingredients to cook at home. Well done Busanfoodguy, rather you than I.

BTW-He said, he can make a white wine, squid- ink carbonara, sounds good.


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Sorry to hijack,

Food is a product of economics in most countries. To say that the price is high because it is hard to get stuff in Korea is ignorant. The price is high cause Mr. Kim, and Mr. Park must buy a chairman to ride around in.

Look at the U.S. where trader joes has brought import goods to the masses at prices that rival buying the products in their countries of origin. I am not saying that the products should be without markup. Nut before Costco was a reality for most of us, cheese cost 2-3 times what you can get it for at Costco now... Why economically it keeps the Kims in the Benzes. 

Look at the increased price of Korean Beer. Why, has the cost of water gone up dramatically? No. But it is easy to charge more when the price of import beer is so high, and that is the trick, the public will GENERALLY buy the discount product regardless of quality if the price is slightly lower than the competitor. Anyone who has observed market economics is aware of this principle. 

So if the cheapest import is 1500 then you can charge 1300 for hite and still sell tons of hite wile selling little import beer. Because figure it out, it is not about variety and globalization, it is about selling more hite...