Metal Clothing Buttons - Where to buy?

Crazy question:  Where can I buy a metal clothing button?

I know it sounds odd, but I just popped off the button on my furry winter slacks, and this is the second time. At first, it was the thread that broke, and so I sticked the button back on, and this time, the darn button broke, and the plastic fragment is still sewn on my pants.

I don't need anything fancy, but I'd like to get a button strong enough to withstand my abuse. I just need one, but if I can pick up three or so, that would be cool. Does anyone have extra or know where I can go and buy them? I guess one of the big stores like emart or home plus... Any good suggestions?


Busan Jin Market first floor.

Busan Jin Market first floor. Walk past all the Hanbok makers and sort of head North East, with the main entrance being south. There are about a half dozen stores with literally thousands and thousands of different buttons. It's kind of neat actually. If you get lost, it's still a  fun place to get lost in!

The market is between Beomil Dong and JwaCheon Dong stations on line 1.