Matching grants for university salary


I have a taught at a university in the U.S. and will be working at a university in Busan this spring.  I understand  that there are grants provided by the Korean government that would match my university salary  in Busan because of my experience in the US and because I have a master's degree.  Does anyone know more about this or how I can apply for such a grant?  

Thanks for your help..

I think this is EFL urban

I think this is EFL urban legend #13 or #14. A master's degree isn't anything special here. Why would the Korean gov't pay you to teach if they are paying you all ready; gov't university? Or why would they subsidize a private university to pay you to not teaching for them?  

No offense buy I'm amazed a school is hiring someone who has obviously never taught in Korea before. You must have a wickedly good resume.

Government Grants

The myth is based on the fact that the universities often get grant money for the teachers they hire, but the reality is the universities keep it. Its the reason many shcools will go on a  hiring binge when they really don't need any mroe teachers, then expect theor workers to make up hours with kids classes.  I hope u have an OK time of it here, be prepared for lazy ass students and frustration with academic system here. 

Yes they get grant money or

Yes they get grant money or they wouldn't hire us at all. English is required for all first year students regardless of college or university.  We cost our employers very little if anything.


Do any of you actually know anything about this?

Or is it fun to just grumble in a corner and foster an atmosphere of bitterness and paranoia?

Universities "steal" faculty grant money? Source or you're full of it.

They don't steal money.

They don't steal money. Universities got money from the government to start freshman English programs. That's why about 10 years ago many foreigners got jobs at unis. Before that they couldn't get a job because they weren't qualified to work in English departments. They could, however, get jobs in Freshman programs once they started. Many of them are still not part of the uni as they belong to language centres.

The unis themselves wouldn't have paid for freshman classes, but because the government was giving them money they used it to set up these programs and pay the people working in the program. Of course some of that money could go missing and no uni in Korea has a perfect track record when it comes to embezzelment.

So, unis use the money to cover the costs of paying for people to work in freshman English programs. If there hadn't been any government money these programs might not have existed.

Were you talking to me? If

Were you talking to me? If not, ignore this:

 If so, I've been in this system for 12years at the same university and in the first couple years my salary was paid by the school. After three years it was also paid by the school but subsidized in a program because of MOE requirements stating all 1st and 2nd year students had to take and pass required English courses with a native speaker.

If I could source it I'd be a rich man because I would certainly sell the documents to those informative shows that bust gov't cheating programs.  What we get in salary and what the school says we get in salary which they send  to the gov't are two different sets of numbers.

I'm not bitter at all, I just off 3months paid vacation and am actually happy to be back doing 6classes a week.