Lunar New Year Events

I'll be sticking around Busan for Lunar New Year and was wondering if there will be any events around the city to celebrate, such as parades,  performances, etc.  If anyone knows of anything in the area please let me know!

Re: Lunar New Year Events

To my knowledge unlike other Asian countries, there are no celebrations whatsoever. It's a totally family orientated event. In fact when I was in Seoul a few years back the place turned into a ghost town, really eerie. You do get a lot of people out on the town catching up with old friends, especially the evening of the main new year's day.  The one thing you can guarantee is traffic chaos and all trains, buses and flights being booked out solid for the days leading up to it and after it. 

Re: Lunar New Year Events

Staying put is a good idea. Many of the apt. complexes at night are dark, it is kind of eerie.

If people do venture out I don't think traffic should be that bad this year as people will most likely take the Monday or Friday off or both. I certainly am taking both off from all classes.