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Lost and Found

 This site should have a lost and found page. 

Or...What do you if you loose everything?

Because thats what just happend to me and it sucks.

My entire purse was stolen on Saturday night and now I have nothing. 

I am going to the cell phone store tomorrow because apparently they can find your phone using GPS. BUT... I'm not sure if it will work since my phone is dead. I'll let you know. 

Also found, if you loose your ARC card you need to bring your passport and fill out an application form at immigration and pay 10,000 won. 

I also tried the subway lost and found. Located at Seomyeon station Line 1, underground 2nd floor. Open weekdays 9am-7pm. Phone: 010-640-7339

It was also suggested to file a police report, so I did that as well. Phone number to Busan Provincial Police Agency: 051-851-0112 

So, how about it? Start a lost and found page!


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"My entire purse was stolen

"My entire purse was stolen "

If it was stolen, then it was not lost.

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Give it a break no-pri, the

Give it a break no-pri, the woman's purse is not in her possession and lost to her then. You being anal isn't helping. I know this will get axed but at least axe pri's post as well. My god some of you people amaze me.

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Lost & Found Section

Why not give a Lost & Found Section a try? I've added a category to the Classifieds which can be used for people to post info about their lost stuff in hopes of finding it. As we revamp our guide section, we will also try to include a section on what to do when an item is lost or stolen. Since this is more of a discussion about what to do in this situation and not a call to help find something lost, I'll leave it in the Q & A Forums.

Thanks for the suggestion Annipaco. Also, just wondering - Where was your purse was lost/stolen? How did it happen?