Looking for a one-room Apartment near Seomyeon

Hi new member, first post. I am living in Ulsan and moving to Busan at the end of the month. I need to find an appartment in Seomyeon area, since my school will be located there. Anibody has any tips on how to find a one-room in that area? I was thinking maybe going to the local community center, but any tips or idea would be great. Thanks in advance.

Re: Looking for a one-room Apartment near Seomyeon

Check out Jeonpo-Dong.  It's where I live, and it's right next to Seomyeon.  There are also a ton of one-rooms that just have gone up in the past year or so.  Plenty of open ones.  Just a 10 minute walk to Seomyeon Station from my place.

If your Korean is good, you can contact a real estate agent in the neighborhood you're interested in living in.  If your Korean isn't good, get a friend or co-worker to do it for you.

Re: Looking for a one-room Apartment near Seomyeon

Or if you want to avoid real estate fees you can walk around the neighbourhood and look for ads attached to street lamps also offering houses for rent.

I also agree Jeonpo isn't a bad area. Lived there for a while myself.

Other places you might want to consider are around Munhyeon Dong since then you are between Kyungsung and Seomyeon, two of the major centers in town. Although you could give the former a miss if you don't really care for going out and night life.

Gaegeum and around could be another possibility, I know a lot of people who've lived there, including myself and again it's not bad.