Looking for moving company suggestions in Busan

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Looking for moving company suggestions in Busan

I'll be moving from Gwangan to Namcheon soon and I was wondering if anyone could recommend a moving company for me.

I'd like to hire someone to move everything for me but I've been quoted prices (as high as 1 million) to move the contents of my studio apartment.

I have a fair amount of stuff (bed, couch, table, bookshelves, and small nik-naks), but the prices I've heard don't seem to jive with information I've read about cheap moving costs.

Suggestions would be appreciated ^^


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Re: Looking for moving company suggestions in Busan

Look up moveinkorea.com.  I used them when I moved a few months ago.  They were very helpful!

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Re: Looking for moving company suggestions in Busan


I'd recommend a moving company you are likely to want.

I think the estimates are too high -a million. I don't think it does not go that too much. If you want, I 'd like tell you the name and phone number. thank you. 

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Re: Looking for moving company suggestions in Busan


I meant to reply sooner, but I couldn't find the receipt from my last movers to give you their details.

First of all a million won is just absurd! The last time I moved it cost me 550,000 and that was with the service where you do nothing and pack up everything and put back everything in it's right place in the new place. The time before that I paid about 300, but packed up everything myself.

I've moved from two three bedroom apartments and on the last move (about two and a half years ago) Notable items of size were two double beds, a chest of drawers, a wardrobe, a sofa and armchair, a bookcase, washing machine, refrigerator, kithcen table, bedside cabinets and a fullsize digital piano and that cost me all 550.

Anyhow the company is called Kana Express (가나 익스프레스 포장이사)

There are 3 different numbers on their reciept 561-4321/5154/9344

The guy I dealt with had a tiny bit of English, but a Korean friend arranged most things for me.

Good luck.