Looking for a Language Exchange (Korean-English, Expert/Native)

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Looking for a Language Exchange (Korean-English, Expert/Native)

Hi I am a Korean student, attending Chung-ang university. 

I am looking for a language exchange opporunity with someone who really wants to develop his/her Korean skills and is an expert/native in English. 

If you feel something weird at my English sentences and want to correct them, you are the one :) 

Also, if you want someone to correct your Korean sentences, I can help you out because I am a native Korean speaker. 

This language exchange will be focused on improving our English/Korean speaking skills by taking about certain topics and correcting the sentences. (They say it is the best and effective way to learn a language for short time!)

I hope we can meet around 5 times a week for 30 mins to 1 hour in Seoul (we will arrange time and location later)

Because we expect to meet each other so often, Hyehwa/Jong-ro is prefered. 

If you were looking for any chance to improve your Korean speaking skills in 6 months, feel free to contact me!  --> hs6298@naver.com