Local night life recommendations

Visiting Busan with a few friends for a weekend, looking for some fun and interesting things to do in the evening. Unfortunately googling in English produces limited results which all tend to be western style bars

Would anyone be able to recommend something a little more traditional...we have all heard great things about Soju and KTV in Seould but can't seem to find any in Busan?

Literally anything fun for a group of mid twenties westeners on a fri/sat night would be really appreciated.


Re: Local night life recommendations

If your looking for Korean Style soju places, I would say Seomyeon (where subway lines 1 and 2 meet) is your best bet.  It's a central gathering point for Koreans in their twenties but not as much for foreigners, so it seems to fit what your looking for.  If you go to the area behind Judies Taehwa (see the link below) there are Korean style Soju bars everywhere..


Re: Local night life recommendations

KTV (karaoke?) for sure, everywhere in Seomyeon as well...the signs will say

노래방 on them...as far as beer pong, haven't seen it around recently, used to be a place called the Guri Bar in Seomyeon with a beer pong table but I'm pretty sure it's closed now..