Living in Jangjeon-dong

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Living in Jangjeon-dong

Hello everyone!

I have received a job offer in Busan in Jangjeon-dong.  They tell me its in the PNU area but I just was wondering how far it is from the PNU area? walkable distance or a 20 min subway ride?

Im just nervous about moving to a new city and being far away from all the nightlife, nice sights, and fun things to do.  Any help is welcome!

Thank you!

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Re: Living in Jangjeon-dong
Jangjeon1-dong (along jangjeon2 & 3-dong) are the areas that comprise the main part of the PNU area, not far from nightlife, very decent hiking spots, and the subway

Google map here

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Re: Living in Jangjeon-dong

...and Jangjeon subway is a 10 or 15 minute walk (possible 5) from the bars around PNU.

PNU is a great place lots of bars, lots of night life, lots of other ex-pat English teachers and was the spot to be 6 years ago.

Since the center of the action seems to have moved to the South Eastern part of the city around Kyungsung University, Gwangali and Haeundae and PNU can sometimes feel very isolated from these other areas.  If you have options I would rather live down there (Nam-gu, Suyeong-gu, Haeundae-gu).

That said the city is absolutely tiny considering the amount of people that live here and you are always less than a 40 minute/$15 cab ride from any where you want to go.  From a western perspective this seems incredibly close and incredibly cheap but people here tend to adjust incredibly quickly and become incredibly lazy.