Legal jobs without a degree?

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youssef samy
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Legal jobs without a degree?

I'm curious about the availability of LEGAL jobs without a University degree.

My elder brother has long experience in many fields in life but our country has a bid financial problem, so he is going to finish his small business. So I've been trying to get him to move to Korea and stay with me to get a job. I'm looking for any work possibilities he might be able to pursue.

Does anyone have ANY idea about ANY job that a non-degree holding individual could possibly secure in this country? Especially in areas like Pizza baker, car service, factory’s worker or hotel service. He has a big experience like:



Manager & owner of Domestic Roads Traveling Agent: March 2005 to present.

Queen Travel Agent, Alexandria, Egypt.



CNC glass cutting machine operator: November 2002 to September 2004.

Glass Production and Fabrication company, Athens, Greece.


Gas station operator: November 2001 to September 2002.

Gas Station Service, Athens, Greece.


Automobile’s spare parts transporter: March 2000 to April 2000.

BMW Auto company, Washington DC, USA.


Photo copy operator: April 2000 to September 2000.

Onsite photo copy company, Washington DC, USA.


Italian Restaurant and Bar owner: January 1997 to December 1999.

Italian restaurant and bar, Kleve, West Germany.


Italian Restaurant and Bar manager: December 1996 to September 1997.

Italian restaurant, Kleve, West Germany.


Italian Pizza Baker and Shawerma (Kebab) cooker: March 1993 to November 1996.

Italian Pizza & Pasta restaurant, Kleve, West Germany.

I know that it's highly unlikely, but asking is worth a try.

Thank you for your help ahead of time to whoever is able to respond!

My contact information:

Samy Adly Mansour Youssef.

PhD. Pusan National University

Tel: 010-58367756