Large Nice rental for Christmas

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Large Nice rental for Christmas

Does anyone know of a multiple bedroon, nice, rental for Christmas.  A group of friends are looking to find a place to lounge and make a proper Christmas dinner.  Does anyone have any suggestions?

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Nice Christmas rental in Haeundae


There is "Pale de Cz" in Haenudae which is easy too see in the background if you are looking at the Novotel Ambassador Hotel on the beachfront in Haeundae. It's apartment style...but the rooms were korean style with no beds, just blankets and floor mats. But the kitchen and living room area were fantastic!!!It's fairly pricey I think, but if you get a big enough group of people you can split the costs. Good luck!

Jay Vander
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xmas party

you can go to the sea cloud rite across the street from haeundae beach. the bigger rooms have a dinging room table, full kitchen, living room, 2 bathrooms/bedrooms, a beautiful view... i had a party in there once. really nice. ok pricing. go online to a korean site to be sure for booking. any english site or phoning directly will cost you more.