Korean Shunga

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Korean Shunga


I am a retired anthropology professor about to publish a  voluminous work, printed and on e-books entitled; The Illustrated History of sex. It encompasses  human sexual history though time and all cultures where sexual information is available.  Each volume will contain over 300 photos so I cannot possibly purchase illustrations. Numerous big museum and  galleries like the Getty, Forman and Sadigh, have given me permission, to contribute to world art and for advertizing purposes

I would like to ask you and friends if they have any pictures of Korean sexual shunga. I am having a very difficult time getting high resolution or even low resolution of ten important Korean shunga works. Over 200 cultures are presently illustrated in the book but the Korean section is sadly nonexistant. If anyone owns a shunga or has taken photographs of a shunga I can use it if they send the photo and their permission to use it. If they  are photographers or have a web sit I can provide advertizing for them. The book will also have a web site where we can be linked for their advertizing. Please let me know how you would like your site credited?  if you have any time I would certainly appreciate your help in this matter as i do not want to leave a great culture blank.
John Gregg, [email protected]