kindergarten needed for my son

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kindergarten needed for my son


I am looking for cheap kindergarten near PNU for my son who is around

3 years old, I am a student i can not pay too much so please help me.

My son needs  interaction with other children. Email me at sam.queen89

at yahoo.



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Re: kindergarten needed for my son

The fact that this is in the "Items For Sale" section worries me slightly... :D 

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Re: kindergarten needed for my son

Double Foul 'Busan Sale'!

A)  It's not OK to post something in the wrong section because you think more people will see it there.  Sections exist to make the site more useful and navigable for visitors. I have moved this to the Q&A forums where it belongs. 

B) Canonite was not insulting or rude - your response was.  It has been deleted. 

Good luck finding the information you're looking for and in the future, please post in the appropriate section and avoid insulting language. 


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Re: kindergarten needed for my son


Although I know that now is very late for responding your question ,But I write my comments only for new people that want to come to Busan with their kids. Because before I came to Busan ,I searched the sites for finding any cheap and good english kindergarten ,but i was not found any.

by the way ,I recommend you the Isponge English kindergarten. I am sending my son there. The teachers are (english) native and very helpful. The registration fee also is ok in compare with the other English schools. The Isponge English Institute is very clean and has the school bus also.

My son like there very much .

The address is :

Address:1114-3 JasongDong Haeundae Busan (부산시 해운대구 재송동 1114-3 )


010-4542-6812 ( in English)