Kickboxing/ submission grappling/ MMA gym in Busan

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Kickboxing/ submission grappling/ MMA gym in Busan

 Hello guys

I’d like to introduce an awesome new kickboxing, submission grappling, MMA gym in the Kyung Sung University area. The name of the gym is Team MAD. Some of you who are interested in Mixed Martial Arts may have heard about this gym. Currently this fight team has 3 UFC fighters(Dong Hyun Kim, Kyung Ho Kang,& Seo Hee Ham) and numerous international Champions in various Chinese, Japanese and Korean fighting organizations. The main branch is located in Dong Dae Shin dong, but the new one just opened up on the main road in the KSU area. 
The owner/instructor of the KSU branch is Heo Yoon, a professional MMA fighter with more than a decade of experiences in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, kickboxing, & wrestling. Fantastic thing about this new Team MAD gym is that Heo Yoon is a Korean Canadian. So classes & training are taught in fluent English and Korea. He also has a degree in Kinesiology and Psychology. So it is a perfect opportunity for those of you interested in learning kickboxing, submission grappling & MMA. 
This is a link to the location of the gym. check out the map:
The gym is nice and clean with fully equipped showers & locker rooms. It is only 10m away from Kyung Sung/BuKyung University subway station exit 4. So come check out the gym anytime. Get in great shape, and meet some new friends