KBO Custom Name on Baseball jersey - How?

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KBO Custom Name on Baseball jersey - How?

Hi all, I am new to the site and have a brain buster of a question:

Where does one go to have a KBO jersey custom named & numbered?
I have seen some fans with them, but all the native Koreans that I ask reply "I don't think that you can" or some such. The closest solution I have been given is to go to a tailor/sewing shop. One place said they could do it, but they would be cutting & creating the name & number from their own fabric. Not exactly confidence inducing that they'll match the font, fabric and hues.  I want to get a western name in Hangul as a gift....

Also, If there are any other online communities for foreigners in Busan / Korea that you would recommend I'd appreciate it!


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Re: KBO Custom Name on Baseball jersey - How?

do you like baseball?? which team do you like?

there are some offline and online shop. as you know, they can produce that you want design.

i know 2~3 online communities for foreigners in busan. because i live in busan

so i interested in making foreigner friends. but i dont know that is new for you..


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Re: KBO Custom Name on Baseball jersey - How?
You can get it done in Nampo-Dong.  From the street with KFC, go away from the tower and you can find a green arch (near a couple of chemists) that leads up a pedestrianised shopping street.  You'll be able to see a lot of football shirts a block or so up there.  Those shops do printing for sports teams.  They will let you type your desired name into the computer and choose the font.  After that, they will create your transfers and attach them to your shirt.  It shouldn't cost more than a few thousand won.
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Re: KBO Custom Name on Baseball jersey - How?

Depending on the location of your favorite team,,,you can usually purchase jerseys at the area Home Plus or E-Mart in the city which they are positioned.

Nice idea on the Nampo-dong personalizing.  I wonder if they sell actuall KBO jerseys there as well.

Whenever I go to Fukuoka on visa run and the Hawks are in town, I usually try to go to the souvenir shop at the dome and pick up NPB stuff.  Big NPB & Hawks fan here.

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Re: KBO Custom Name on Baseball jersey - How?

Yes, I think you can create your own embroidery panels to order to a computerized embroidery sewing shops.  There some fabric wholesale areas in Pusan are nearby the notorious three wholesale marketplaces such as Pusanjin, Chayu (freedom), and Pyunghwa (peace) Marketplaces.  Pusanjin Marketplaces are locating at exit #1 Beomildong St on train greyn line, whereas the two others are across from Pusanjin nearby.  I would rather recommend to visit sewing machine stores to ask at Pusanjin Marketplaces, for those who sell embroidery sewing machines perform professional emblem "marking" on jeans and shirts or on caps.  Otherwise, computerized prints sewers are very rare to find up front in public but probably in a company lab, for their skills are quite a costly labor in Korea.  

PS.  That would be fine with Korean letter as computerized emblem embroideries, not with any logos or icons of commercialized symbolic imageries.