Judo Class in Guseo Dong - Busan

Adult Judo class in Guseo Dong, which is close to Guseo Subway. (2 stops north of PNU)

Head instructor is a sixth-dan master, so it doesn't get much better than this.

Lots of standing work and jujitsu-style groundwork is possible, too.

Both men and women welcome, and you don't need to speak Korean.

Actually, it is probably a great place to practice your Korean.

Class starts at 8:40 pm Monday to Friday. 

I believe the price is 130,000 won monthly.  Uniforms can be lent at first.

Feel free to contact me here if you have any questions.


Re: Judo Class in Guseo Dong - Busan

there are classes mon to friday. at 8:40pm?  Then what time do classes end?


for 130,000 won, do you get to attend unlimted classes each month?


how much to buy the uniform?

thanks for the reply

Re: Judo Class in Guseo Dong - Busan

Classes start at 8:40 and since it is the last class it can be an hour and half class, but many people stay afterwards for free fighting. The classes are "Unlimited" five times a week.

130,000 sounds right, I just pay with my credit card. Uniforms start around 70, 000W.

I can meet you at the subway and take you there either tonight or Friday night.

Are you interested in trying a class?

Re: Judo Class in Guseo Dong - Busan

The instructions are easy and I am assuming you are taking the subway.

If you are heading north on the subway toward Nopo, sit in the last car.

Get off at Guseo (two stops north of PNU), look out the platform window because this is the street you must walk up.

Go down all the stairs and walk out the same-side, back-of-the-train exit of where you looked out the window.

Walk two blocks. You will pass Lotteria, Diaso, and Paris Baguette in the first block.

At the second block intersection, you will see a Baskin Robins. Don’t cross to Baskin Robins but DO turn right.

Walk about . . . 100 meters(?) and you will see a Korean bookstore on the right side.

Attached on the left side is an entrance. Go down the stairs.

I can’t type Korean on my computer, but if you give me your phone number, I will type the name and address in Korean.

I will answer any question you may have, but please answer the following,

What is your name?

What country are you from?

Have you done judo before?

Darren from Canada