Join a year long Project : From seeds to sauce

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Join a year long Project : From seeds to sauce
From Seed to Sauce: The 콩 Project 
콩 means soy in Korean. Soy Sauce (간장) and soy paste (된장) are foundational to Korean cuisine. Join Gachi CSA for a year long project and learn step by step the process of turning a soy bean seed into fermented soy sauce and paste. A small group of people - around 10 - will be given land at Hansol farm where they will first plant the soy bean seedlings. After planting, one time per month the group will return to the farm to manage their collective crop with weeding and trimming to open up space for the growing beans. In addition to taking care of the crop they will share a lunch and enjoy the farm. In the Fall, around October, the group will harvest the beans. After harvesting they will learn the process of turning the beans into soy sauce and paste. In the end each person will take home roughly one kilogram of soy paste (된장), 500 grams of red pepper bean paste (고추장), and 300 grams of soy sauce (간장). This process is a dying tradition in Korea, so come and join us and have a once in lifetime experience. 
*A limited amount of people will be able to participate due to limited land and resources for the project. Participants should try to commit to being active in the project for the duration. If you miss one or two of the farm days due to scheduling conflicts that's not a problem, but it's best to sign up with intentions of participating in all of the scheduled farm days - especially the planting, harvesting, and processing days. 
* Sign up Fee: 100,000 WON for Gachi CSA Members 
                      120,000 WON for Non-Members 
* Bank Account Info: IBK (010-5593-7973) / Holder name (조안나 Anna Jo)
* Submit Application & Payment By May 27th Wednesday
* Begin the project with planting on 5/31 (Sun) 
Recap of what you get for the fee: 
1. Land to actively farm for one year. 
2. Knowledge and experience of growing soy beans and turning them into traditional fermented soy sauce and paste. 
3. One kilogram of soy paste (된장), 500 grams of red pepper paste (고추장), 300 grams of soy sauce (간장) 
4. Hang out and lunch together as well. BYOB.  
5. Good times and great memories with fun people at an awesome farm - away from the hustle bustle of the city. 
* Contact "[email protected]" or 02-790-8335