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Job Locations

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Manager, before you do remove forum comments on job ads:-please make sure they are more honest. I believe this advert is a prime example of recruiters not being clear i.e. to make people believe Kimhae is in Busan. I think it is a City in its own right and not all part of Busan. Manager, could you please ask recruiters to post adverts more clearly. It's like public school adverts that are actually Hag Wons. It is unfair on prospective employees, who believe they will be in Busan. It saves disappointment for the new teacher, employer and ultimate saves the recruiter hassle ,once the person has realized they may have been duped. However, the above said, it is also up to the future employee to find out more about their new surrounding and ultimately make an informed choice. How many do?


manager - 01/05/2010 - 22:23
I don't think there's any serious deception here and I don't think posting the same comment on two different ads is the best way to have a discussion about 'truth in advertising'.  I don't want to remove forum comments, I want them to happen in the forums.  These ads will eventually expire or be deleted and I think the community and job seekers are better served if comments are posted in forums like 
Job Seeking Advice
Teaching Salaries

Feel free to start new forums topics in the job forums there as well.  Comments on job ads should be questions or clarifications about that particular job ad.

As far as Gimhae being a suburb of Busan, I suppose that's debatable (feel free to start a forum topic to discuss if you wish), but if Wikipedia says it's got 450,000+ residents, I think that qualifies it for its own location tag (note this ad has been recategorized).  If you anyone has any follow-up thoughts on any of this, please post them in the forums, not here. 


lee-bum-suk - 01/06/2010 - 09:59
Not pertaining to this exact ad but many recruiters/places also do the same with Yangsan and vicinity. It is somewhat mis-leading as 20minutes seems to be the lucky number to get anywhere from Busan.

This is totally false as the only place in Busan 20minutes to Yangsan city is Nopo, the last stop on line 1. The other line has a continuation right to Yangsan downtown but from anywhere central Busan it's 45minutes just on the subway. If you work in the other Yangsan(Duk-kye) it's 20minutes as well past Nopo and 45 to PNU.



ps...Kimhae and Yangsan have their own mayors and city halls. Also the greenbelts(how they tighten that belt year after year) between Busan and them seperate them as independant municipalities.