Investing Club for Expats

Investing Club for Expats

I’d like to expand my group of investing friends.

For anyone interested in long-term investing, swing trading, or day trading in securities ( stocks, bonds, ETFs), Forex, commodities, futures, or cryptocurrencies.

Anyone interested in saving, budgeting, and paying down debt.

Anyone interested in passive income from peer-to-peer lending, ecommerce, Youtube, Google Adsense,  etc.

Anyone interested in starting, funding, and growing a retirement account. 

Group will be modeled on the Leather Apron Club, a business-oriented mutual improvement club set up by Benjamin Franklin, with weekly meetings (ideally during live European/North American market hours), and the weekly agenda based on set questions such as:

1. Have you found any investing opportunity remarkable or worthy to be communicated to the club? 
2. What new information have you lately heard that is suitable for the group to discuss?
3. Do you know any person who has failed in his/her business lately, and what have you heard was the cause?
4. Have you lately heard of any person’s business thriving well, and what has been the cause?
5. What good financial habits are you or others you know successfully utilizing, and to what effect?
6. What bad financial habits are you or others you know now suffering from, and what are possible remedies?
7. Do you see anything amiss in the proceedings of the club that might be amended? 

Thanks and happy investing~

Re: Investing Club for Expats

Hi.  I'm still communicating with people trying to figure it out.  Please contact me with your availability.  

Re: Investing Club for Expats

Fist meeting will be next weekend.  Exact date and time not set.  Anyone interested and available contact me.