Internet difficulties... need to open a new account in my name, etc.

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Internet difficulties... need to open a new account in my name, etc.

I have my internet connection in a Korean friend's name because when I arrived this time for my new job my school wouldn't open the account for me.  I was told I had to wait for my ARC.  But, as I mentioned, I had a Korean friend who was willing to open the account for me and I just had to pay them. 

The problem is that they are now out of the ROK and I have a problem with my internet.  Supposedly everything is working the way it ought to.  The bill has been paid but there's no signal coming through the wire.  My friend's family contacted the ISP but they were told that they "couldn't locate my computer's owner", whatever that means.  My friend has excellent English but her family doesn't.  Anyway, she will be out of the country for another week or two and until she returns I am dependent upon Starbuck's wifi (which sucks).

I asked my school to help me out but they said that I needed the Korean person's ID number... joongminbeonho... to close the account and open a new one.  Now, to me this seems a little silly.  What if I'm simply a new tenant of the room or maybe it's in my girlfriend's name but we break up... it just seems ridiculous that I would have to provide the other person's ID number to get a new company to give me an account.  But, what do I know... heh. 

Anyway, has anyone else ever had to close an internet account that is in a Korean person's name and open one in their own afterwards?  What is the process?

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Re: Internet difficulties... need to open a new account in ...

You can have it transferred.  Just get the Korean friend to  call in with your ARC handy and it shouldn't be a problem.  However, I have seen instances where certain carriers do not provide services for foreigners.  Not sure which one you have.  If it is one of those, and if you're under contract, you're probably just stuck or would have to pay a termination fee then just sign up for a whole new service.