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.Has anyone gotten a Yellow Fever vaccination in Busan? A friend and I will traveling overland through 30 African countries next year and need vaccinations; ours are expired.  We need a "Yellow Fever International Vaccination Certificate" to cross some of the borders.
We need boosters for Typhoid, Hepatitis A, Tetanus, Polio, and Meningitis as well but are more concerned about the Yellow Fever vaccination as it's posing to be a rare vaccine in Korea thus far in the search.  Any websites/numbers to lead us in the right direction are appreciated.  

Re: International Travel Vaccinations hospital/clinic

Just got Hep A and B done today, which cost a 100 bucks + 38 bucks for consultations, which may or may not have included the rather nice lady called nurse Lee who had fantastic English and walked you around all the processes.

Unfortunately they didn't have Malarone malaria tablets, only Larium, which I took once before and felt so sick I took the risk and abandoned them.

The Good Gang An near Gwangan beach (Geumnyeonsan subway) does have Malarone though and also injections. Although my friend said her Hep B cost 70 there.

Re: International Travel Vaccinations hospital/clinic

I went to a community health clinic in Busan for a typhoid vaccine and paid only 4500 KRW. I believe they have a number of other inexpensive vaccines. I walked in, filled out a form, got my shot and was out in 10 minutes. They spoke little English but we used Google translate and had no issues. It is located across from Mary Knoll hospital in Busan I believe the address is 120 Junggu-ro, Daecheong-dong, Jung-gu, Busan, South Korea You have to walk to the back of the building and you will see a sign for health center or similar The phone number is 051-600-4500