indoor badminton?

are there any indoor badminton courts near busan station...

looking for some indoor courts for winter when it will be too cold outdoors

thanks for any help


Re: indoor badminton?

Hi! Depth, i'm also looking for a indoor badminton court here in busan, however til now i can't find, i've asked already many people however they don't know too, I also try to make a research via internet until i read your message, i'm happy because atleast i'm not alone..ehe.. If you have time please just response to my message here, or u can send me an email on this account [email protected],

or u may call me on this number 010-2481-0403.. looking forward to see you in personal so atleast we can play then a badminton..

Re: indoor badminton?

Look around for public school gymnasiums in the area

where you wanna play.  Quite a few leagues are formed in these

locations where they can play for free in evenings after school. 

Just bring your gear ask them if it's okay and when they meet.

Re: indoor badminton?

My experience is that a public facility is better than a school gym.  In many parts of Korea the municipality will build a gym and charge a small admission fee (up to 3500 won in Seoul, as little as 1000 in smaller cities).  At a school gym, the club has to pay rent and to play there, you have to sign up for the whole experience and your membership fee goes toward renting the gym and paying for monthly soju and flesh-eating.  Having said that, every public gym has clubs operating within it, too, and they still demand membership fees for all but the rent.  Those who don't join a club can often find the clubs operating like cliques to exclude outsiders, but bona fide outsiders like many of us on fora like these can sometimes be enough of a novelty to bypass that treatment.

Having wasted that discussion, I now find that there isn't a huge list of clubs for Dong-gu in Busan and actually all 6, plus the two listed for Jung-gu are in schools.  There is apparently one in each of Gyeongnam Girls' High and Middle Schools and they both seem to play 5-8AM!  There is one in Busan Middle School.  The closest (Choryang Elementary School) and the farthest (Seongnam Elementary School) are the only ones that happen to play in the evenings.  There is also Gwang Il Elementary School, which is just off to the southwest of the Station and they have clubs that play both in the early morning and the evening.