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I am in Gwangju right now. I was really keen to know that how is it to keep an imported car in korea, especially in Gwangju. Many models are common here for instance audi a4, or any bmw. But what im concerned about is, im not in seoul or a real big city, how expensive would it be to keep a 2004~2007 audi or BMW or even a honda civic in terms of routine checkups and maintenance. I can ask for insurance on my own for sure. But I really dont know where to ask about running costs of such cars here in korea. I really dont like hyundai n kia stuff. Kindly help me out. If visiting a Honda/BMW/audi authorized service center/showroom is the only option, then its wayyy expensive for me to keep one.


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What's your argument against Hyundai, Kia et al? The name, the presitige?

They used to have a terrible reputation, agreed. But, over the last few years Hyundai and Kia have been ranked very highly with motoring journalists in both America and Europe. They are reliable and relatively cheap. Also here in Korea parts are dirt cheap and you don't pay any labour costs. Also, over recent years their designs have become getting steadily better, probably because they hired respected German car designers and managers!

I know I'm not answering your question, but was just curious. A friend of mine used to have a Mercedes here, so I will ask him what he did next time I see him.



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Most garages will be able to service your BMW or Audi and there are a few around that can fix them. The problem is not labor but parts! It is not unusual for parts to take a month or two to arrive and they are so freaking expensive. Especially with the amount of accidents here it is hardly worth keeping an old European car. I understand that you don't want to drive a boring Korean car especially when everyone here drives one but they are getting better all the time. Have you driven a Genesis for example?

If you buy a foreign car you should buy new or near new cars otherwise save money and buy a Korean car

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Well I totally agree with you. But if u talk of a Equus or grandeur, the engine is big, will consume much, and has an uggglyyy interior.. In the same price tag I may get a bmw 1.8L. or an audi. or a civic even an accord.... I drive much so they save me fuel costs... Any way I get ur point.. anyone out there who has a honda/bmw/audi and may auote routine parts' prices. like filters, tuneups, spark plugs, etc...

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If I was buying Korean in the class you mentioned I would consider the Hyundai i30 or KIA Forte hatchback. They Chevy Aveo looks half decent as well.

If I was buying foreign, without doing any reserach VW Golf would be my most likely choice as I drove an old Mark 1 Golf back in Britain and even now it's hands down the best car I've ever driven.


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I have Honda Accord for almost 3 years in Korea,(2006 production year). To change oil cost me 30,000 usually. In case of repair, you might pay little more then to repair korean brand's cars... Tax will be little high compare to Korean cars...