Immigration pass allegedly

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Immigration pass allegedly

Right now, there is an "open exit" for people who are here on expired/illegal visas, but immigration is also doing major crackdowns.

If you or yours are not legally on the right visa, understand that for three weeks, Seoul subway line 1, line 4 and line 7 will be stationed with immigration officers from 9am-11am and again from 4pm-7pm. Carry your ARC or military ID, or passport if you are new to Korea and your ARC has not yet been processed, in order to avoid detainment.

This is from a verified source. 
They racially profile. 
Three straight weeks, beginning now.

They will run the data electronically to see if it all checks out. And they will profile our brown and black friends looking for "illegal workers," according to the source. If you know someone that is traveling here, make sure that they have their passport on hand.

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Disclaimer- I got this from another source. The pictures too.