Immigration Attorney Recommendation?

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Immigration Attorney Recommendation?

I am looking for an immigration attorney in Busan.  I want to learn about getting a long term visa (not a teaching visa or a getting married visa).

I have searched the internet and asked Korean friends to help me with little luck.

Does anyone know of a lawyer, or agency that can help me.


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Re: Immigration Attorney Recommendation?

When you apply for a teaching visa, it is not called as a long term visa to enter to Korea with. A spouse or fiancée visa is, nonetheless, definitely for a long stay in terms of a purpose of visa issuance. The followings are all considered as Long Sojourn Visas to stay as long as you wish to:

to perform cultural & artistic projects (D-1), to study abroad in Korea (D-2), to get trained at an industrial site (D-3), to get trained in general (D-4), to conduct writing activities as a professional journalist (D-5), to perform religious activities as a practitioner (D-6), to get stationed in Korea by your employer in your own country (D-7), to follow up on your investment set on any Korean business site (D-8), to run a trading company in Korea (D-9), to get employed by a Korean company (D-10), to stay with your own Korean family (F-1), to live with them (F-2), to attend in your Korean family affaires (F-3), to reside permanently in Korea (F-5), Miscellaneous (G-1)

All are clear enough to understand what the purpose of long term stay for. The last one is more likely for those who apply due as International Study or Research Related envies or some other governmental affaire conductors, or some else possibly.

Public Attorneys will be offered as an advisor, when you make any inquiry to the Ministry of Justice at any international airport nearby Busan areas. Otherwise, it seems all consultants available as a commercialized practitioner. I simply translated from .


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Re: Immigration Attorney Recommendation?

Hi this is  NGO to help foreigners in Busan ...#511 Shinwoo B-D  608 -1   Jeonpo 2-Dong Jin -Gu                   subway;    BujeonDong  exit 2  ( goin to the left,  front KB bank,  6 floor building).  tel 051-803-9181