IKEA in Korea - Closed - Sorry all.

I recently posted an ad selling an IKEA chair, and, I kid you not, had more people ask where the IKEA was than to buy the chair.  So I decided to post the directions to the place where I found the IKEA outlet, and see if anyone can find it or if it's still there. I visited this place a year ago, so no guarantees!

A year ago, I was wandering around PNU and saw an ad for IKEA. I usually don't pay much attention to ads here, since they can mean nothing (Johnny Depp does NOT endorse Ray Bans), but this one listed an address.  It was in Jeong Mun Shopping Mall (I don't have a Korean language pack on this computer, but the Korean and English translated the same.)  I got into a cab and asked the cabbie to take me there, but he looked at me like I was an idiot, and pointed toward the university.  It was just near the university gates. If you're looking at the gates, or the entry to the parking lot, Jeong Mun Shopping Mall is on the right.  From there, I had to wander around. I believe  it was on the 3rd floor.  This wasn't a full scale shopping extravaganza that you would expect from IKEA, it was a little tester outlet.  They had the stuff piled and stacked in a large nook area, and there was just a little IKEA sign dangling from the ceiling. The had some furniture, but mostly dishes, bathware and linens.  It's worth checking out, especially for the elusive fitted bedsheet I know we're all searching for.

Good luck!


Re: IKEA in Korea

It's closed. There is a new NewCore (NC) outlet store there now.

Re: IKEA in Korea

Well if you can wait till 2014 Ikea is opening in Seoul!

In the meantime if you want Ikea products online stores like gmarket and 11st have plenty of re-sellers. Although the mark ups are very high and you can get cheap Korean furntiture much cheaper or for a similar price much better quality than the Ikea stuff.