I want to work out. Please help!

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I want to work out. Please help!

I need your help.  I live in the Seomyeon area, and I'm looking for a good fitness club.  I've seen a couple places, but I'm not really willing to pay 80k a month to work out.  I want relatively cheap (i'll pay about 40 a month), good hours (??-until midnight is good for me), with some kind of classes (aerobics or dance or something to make it fun for me).

Back home, my stepmom and I worked out at the Y (YMCA), and I really enjoyed it.  I'm not skinny or motivated, so I need something that will keep me interested.  Please help!:)  Thanks.  :)

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some gyms..

i am not sure how easy it will be to find a good gym for 40k a month. There is a small gym in Nampo-dong (about 20 mins from you) that is open until about 11 pm (maybe midnight) and costs around 120,000 for 3 months. Of course if you pay monthly you will pay more per month. In terms of classes they have a few here and there but everything is in Korean. If you need directions just message me.


If you want to pay a little more, you can go to the gym in Zio Place in Seomyeon. It is actually about a 10 minute walk from the heart of Seomyeon. This is the place where the CGV Imax and homeplus are located. I believe the gym there costs 150,000 for 3 months. It is a much bigger one than the one in Nampo and includes (if i am not mistaken) free entry to the spa & jimjilbang. They offer some classes but again they are all in Korean.


That's about all is know in terms of gyms. If you're interested in other ways of working out feel free to get in touch...there are tons of fitness classes and activities in Busan! Good luck!




there is a YMCA and a YWCA in Busan. They are located in Choryeong-dong and offer a bunch of classes including swimming and yoga. No English but good people. =)

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You get what you pay for as far as gyms go here.  You arent going to get classes or much variety for under 80,000 but if you want to pay for 3 months at a time, Chicago is probably the nicest club in seomyeon if not all of busan.  They have tons of classes (some in english) and its a really nice facility with all machines and variety for cardio.  Its on the 5th floor of the Migliore building at the edge of seomyeon.  try it out for a month.

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An idea

I have a great yoga teacher who lives in Geumnyeonsan, but can probably meet you in Seomyeon. She offers private lessons and is really professional and great at what she does. I am a person who is really hard to get motivated and as far from flexible as one can be, but I go to her 3 times a week and on my off days, I actually feel motivated to do it on my own. If you want, I can give you her contact information. Yoga changed my body- inside and out. I like to pass on the word to anyone who is open to it! Good luck!