I Want to Camp on a Beach

I have a long weekend starting tomorrow at 2pm and I wanna get out of the city!

I heard there are beaches that you can just pitch and sleep.  Anybody have any suggestions for me? Willing to travel a bit so feel free to offer up anything ya got!


:) LLL


Do you have a car?

Was up in Daejin beach (대진해수욕장), north of Pohang a month back. Gorgeous huge long beach. Camping is next to it amongst a plesant wooded area. Also has toilets and washing facilities and showers maybe if they have been opened for the swimming season.

It's a 2 to 3 hour drive from Busan. Here it is on the map


If you do decide to go, once you get there you will see a bridge, cross the bridge and the camping area is the first right after you've crossed the it. By the way the bridge puts Gwangan bridge to shame at night. (You'll understand the irony if you go)

I also recommend climbing the small mountain right next to the beach for stunnng views along the coast (about 45 minutes to the top). You'll see a road leading up to a restaurant on the other side of the bridge. Follow it up and you will see the start of the trailhead on your right.

Incidentally about a 30 minute drive south of Daejin is Yeong Deok (영덕). Snow crab city. If you like crab you have to go here. Think we paid about 35 bucks for 2. The actual place is called Gang Gu Port (강구항) just look for the giant crab sculptures everywhere.

There is also camping at Jinha beach, just below Ulsan. This would probably be accessible by public transport. Was supposed to go last weekend but weather intervened so I'm still quite not sure where it is, but I think that it's toward the Southern end of the beach near the bridge you will see there.

I also hear that there is camping on Geoje Do, but no idea where.


The place on Geojaido is Gujora Beach. It's really nice. If you camp at the far end of the beach nobody will bother you and you can have a fire at night. The place is busy in the day but dead at night and we never had any trouble there.  Also Namhae is pretty nice. But pitch up when the beach gets quiet. When I was in Korea we did a lot of camping. The motto was always, pitch up when it gets quiet and apologise in the morning when the tell you not to camp on the beach. Because there's nothing they can really do the morning after.