I need a violin teacher

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I need a violin teacher

I am on a hunt for a violin teacher who speaks decent English.  You could be a professional or a univeristy student, I don't mind.

I was taking lessons for a few months, but I had to stop due to a conflict of interest.  

I have my own violin.

Hope someone can help.

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Re: I need a violin teacher

If you are a beginner I could help.  The violin is not my primary instrument, but I taught middle school orchestra and band for 10 years before coming here, so I'm very good at starting people off.


Let me know what you think.  I live near KSU.



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Re: I need a violin teacher


My experience includes teaching Violin at Primary and Secondary Schools as well as courses to students of a post-gradute levels. Worked as Assistant Concertmaster in one of the best orchestras in Switzerland. For several years, directing a leading/main international music competition, master classes and festival in Malta. Now living in Beijing, China. Contact me on +86-15601112349