How many letters are in the Korean alphabet?

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How many letters are in the Korean alphabet?

The Korean alphabets are known as Hangul in South Korea or Josan gul in North Korea. This is the official language of both south and north Korea.

Hangul is the alphabet of the Korean language and it was created by King Sejong the Great in the 15th century.

Korean character is made up of 14 consonants and 10 vowels.

g(기역) giyeok
n(니은) nieun
d(디귿) digeut
R/L(리을) rieul
M(미음) mieum
B(비읍) bieup
S(시옷) siot

ㅇ – sounds  silent (at start of the word) or ng –  (이응) ieung

J(지읒) jieut
CH(치읓) chieut
K(키읔) kieuk
T(티읕) tieut
P(피읖) pieup
H(히읗) hieut

If you want to get a free pdf of korean alphabets click here.