How do I ship all my stuff overseas via cargo ship container?

Hi everyone,

I am going to be leaving Korea soon after a year and a half. As many of you know, it's easy to acquire lots of stuff over that amount of time and although most you can sell or give away, some stuff you just need to bring back.

Someone told me that you can ship lots of stuff for cheap via cargo boat but it takes a while to arrive. I will be shipping mine to the west coast of the USA. The amount of stuff is significant, and I won't be able to do it via regular post (Large computer monitor, speakers, camping gear, espresso machine, etc.)

I figure Busan is a fairly large port and there must be some place where you could buy space on a container headed to the US. Does anyone know anything about this or who to call?

Any info would help. Thanks in advance!

-Kyle from Gimhae


Hi there,

Hit me up with a personal message and I can give you the number and address of a shipping agent in Busan.  He does reasonable prices.

Kim in Kimhae

I have sent many boxes via

I have sent many boxes via ship.  It's an option at the regular post office.  It can take 1-3 months, but it has always only taken 1 month for me.  Just ask for shipping by ship.

Cost estimate?

Cost estimate on shipping by boat according to weight?

Surface shipping costs

Here are some costs for surface shipping to zone 3, which is where most foreign teachers come from (USA, Canada, Australia, New Z, England).  There are size restrictions, but you can send up to 20 kilograms for 48k won.  I did it once and my stuff arrived in Pennsylvania in 6-7 weeks; beat up but all there. TIP: Use an obscene amount of tape to ensure your boxes don't fall apart in transit! 

You can check out the Korean Post Office website
English is at the top right corner

zone 3  
up to2


Awesome info

Thanks so much. This is what I was looking for. Now I know at least what things might cose before I show up to the post office with all my boxes. Thanks again!



about the boxes

hi kyle,

you have to use the post office boxes if i'm not mistaken. i think you can't use your own (from the local shop or whatever.) they cost a little, not too much.




Thanks for the tip. I guess I will just buy the biggest size. I just got a ton of bubble wrap. Again everyone, THANKS SO MUCH!

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