How To Avoid TEFL Job Scams in Korea, China and Japan

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How To Avoid TEFL Job Scams in Korea, China and Japan

Let's face it colleagues... Our job choices can be a dream job or a nightmare and just one nasty or costly scam can be the deciding factor.  Since Asian countries do not have a BBB or an FTC we must rely on one another to warn each other who, what, and where is safe to work, and which are stress and scam traps. It's sort of like walking barefoot through a cow pasture on a moonless night. As a newbie TEFL teacher you simply cannot spot the scams until you step in it, and then the stench hits you like a sledge hammer. There are veterans here and elsewhere who can provide the flashlight we all need to avoid those hidden turds.

There are many scams we need to evade but many of you do not even know these exist as follows:

* Bait and switch TEFL jobs

* Salary skimming

* Fake tax deductions

* Unpaid overtime

* Fake documents

So how do we help one another? Visit and read the below scam alert sites and arm yourself with the minefield map. Then if and when you get victimized, use these same sites to warn others. You did not travel thousands of miles to be exploited or cheated colleagues. Now stay healthy and scam-free...