How to advertise private tutoring in Busan?

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How to advertise private tutoring in Busan?

I tutor privately in North America (as compsci student who recently finished second year in college), and it's pretty easy and decent way to make a good side income. I've established enough network to keep me busy till I graduate... and even then, I might keep on tutoring as a group after full-time job shift ends due to its lucrative nature.

I'm curious about doing it again in South Korea while I stay in Busan temporily for a business reason. Unfortunately, I have obstacles.

1. I can read Korean but struggle to type Korean. It seems like (from English websites at least) that much of the posts concern Seoul, not Busan. I suppose I could try the train but train's 50k  won per trip + 2.5+ hrs of ride. Not ideal.

2. I don't know what Koreans use to advertise. Here in Canada I use combination of personal network,word of mouth and kijiji. That still took me months to establish. I'm hoping to speed things up as I'm unsure how long I'd be here. I think I should find both social networking and job-ad website, but I'm not sure where to start.

Ideally I'd find a temp work that offers housing (I have one, but it'd be nice to have a place for myself with a working air conditioner welp), but I see how that could be hard despite my F4 degree (which clears the legal aspects) but it seems like the norm is college degree + criminal background check (I have none, but it'll take time to get anything notorized from RCMP). 

So goal is:

1. Temp full-time job that offers housing.
if that fails
2. Bunch of part-time jobs and/or one full time job with no housing

Even if I need college degree, I still wanna ask for an interview. I've hired people in the past and if I genuinely see energy,passion and sign of competence, I go for it. Once they see that, I think reasonable employers would love to snag me. I have loads of experience tutoring and I make it fun. Could be my ego talking (I'm also aware of how many positions change you from tutor/instructor to babysitter, but beggers can't be choosers shrug.

Just trying to make my Korean summer a tad more productive. Maybe make some friends and practice Korean because mine's getting rusty smh.

If you can help or wanna share insights, awesome. I'll be a total stranger in Busan as well, so I'm totally down to just networking with the locals as well. Worst case scenario, I'll be working on my personal project on github to beat the hot Koeran summer. If you know a chill place (ideally by the beach) where I can just bring my laptop and work all day like a blogger.. that's be swell as well :)