Housing in Ulsan

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Housing in Ulsan

Hi Everyone~

I'm about to move in Ulsan next week from Seoul and I am wondering if anybody can help me looking for housing/ accomodation in the said area.

I would appreciate if you can drop me an email or just simply reply to this post.

Looking forward to receiving comments from all good and kind people in Ulsan Korea.


Best regards,


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Re: Housing in Ulsan

Hi Gil,

Depends very much on what type of accomodation and in what location.



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Re: Housing in Ulsan

Hyundai have their own 'foreigners' compounds'.......but I am not sure if you must be working for them (as I am) to rent. It may be worthwhile contacting them as the so called 'New Foreigners' Compound' has many empty apartments - and rents have been reduced quite considerably. This compound is in Bangeojin.

The 'Old Foreigners' Compound' also has empty apartments but there is a renovation process going on and so may be harder to get into. Most people prefer this compound as it is cosier and away from all traffic and noise.

You can always call and check if they'd let you stay - if you want contact numbers let me know and I will get them for you.



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Re: Housing in Ulsan

Hello does anyone have any information on the bungalows at the old foreigner compound pics, what. They like etc more info the better moving to Ulsan this year would prefer a house to an apartment cheers