Homemade Mexican food delivered to your door. Created by Mexicans!

I have been savoring the "real" taste of Mexico lately by ordering food delivered to me. You pay COD (or by bank transfer), so leave enough money with your apartment guards to cover the bill. Be sure to add a few thousand won to cover the delivery fee.

You can order from two different ladies.  You can order from both by email or phone.

As far as I know, neither speaks English, but both speak Korean (and Spanish).

The person that I know best is ROSA MARIA GONZALEZ CERO, she has a restaurant in Masan. You can contact her by email: [email protected]  I  don't know what her phone number is.

Her "menu":

HARINA TIPO MASECA 1 KILO          10000원 wet mix to make corn tortillas &                                                                                    tamales
TORTILLA DE MAIZ 1 KILO                 6000원 about 40 tortillas of corn (good ones)
TORTILLA DE HARINA 12PZAS.           2000원  flour tortillas (buy at HomePlus or                                                                                            Costco)
QUESO TIPO PANELA 100gr                5000원 semi-hard, bland cheese for filling                                                                                 tortillas and cooking
CHORIZO 1/2 KILO                            10000원 spicy sausage for cooking (ok blend,                                                                           not hot)
CILANTRO 1 RAMO                             5000원 cilantro, a bunch
TAMALES 2 PZAS.                              7000원 home-made tamales, but these

TAMALES 3 PZAS                             10000원 are not big, "fat" ones. 


The minimum order of homemade cheese is 300 grams.

To order, send her an email with your order and tell her your address. The order comes quickly in a styrofoam box. Leave enough money to COD the order.

The other lady is new to me. She specializes in bulk chorizo and Pork Adobada.

(pork marinated with pepper and vinegar, etc.)

Her menu:

Erika Martinez Gonzalez ... celular es: 010-5030-0953 
  Toda la informacion la pueden encontrar en: [her blog]
  El kilo esta a 20 000 wones mas el envio que se paga al recibir.
  Numero de cuenta es: 새마을 은행 6216-10-018545-4 Martinez Gonzalez Erika.
Saemaul Bank translates into a long name like "korean federation of community ...   "

 A kilo of chorizo costs 20k and you pay by bank transfer. The delivery fee for my order was 5000 won.

En tripa, 25 000 wones el kilo. If you want it as link sausage 

Carne adobada, a 25 000 wones el kilo. a "steak, or slab" of marinated pork
Carne adobada en trocitos, a 20 000 wones el kilo. cheaper, cut into pieces
(also spelled "adovada")
Personally, I like to make my own. It is simple to do, just "google" a recipe.
It is basically pork marinated overnight in chili powder (NOT KOREAN), garlic,
and cumin. Then slow cooked in an oven and eaten for breakfast with eggs or used to fill  tortillas, especially CORN tortillas.

If you have problems communicating, I can help translate to spanish..

Re: Homemade Mexican food delivered to your door. Created ...

I went to the Masan restaurant once, and it was atrocious.  The "mole" tasted like a melted Hershey's bar, and the ceviche was made with ketchup.  That's right: ketchup ceviche.


The guy that own it is married to an actual Mexican woman, but they still f$%k it up.


Buyer beware.