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Just moved to Busan. Wondering if there are good HiFi stores, most of the stores are located in Seoul. Would appreciate any help. Looking for B&W, Arcam, Roksan,Martin Roland stuff....thks

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Quality high-end audio equipment seems to be something that never really caught on in Korea, there are some afficionados though, but as you said the few shops that there are, are in Seoul.

That said, I have noticed some shops here in Busan, thing is that was several years ago so can't say for sure if they are still there. The first was on the main subway road on Line 2, east of Geumnyeon Station somewhere between the hospitals. It might even have been past Gwangan subway, but definitely before Suyeong. It was on the side of the road that the hospitals are all on. The furthest side from the beach if you will.

Second was located in Nampodong on the main shopping street that runs parallel to the main road, where some of the higher end sports and clothing brands are based. It was on the left hand side walking towards Lotte department store. Pretty convinced that one isn't there anymore, but then again I didn't specifically look.

A third option could be to go down to all the second hand electronics and appliance shops that are located between Beomildong and Beomnaegol stations. Most are located on the left hand side of the road if you are walking to Seomyeon. Some are in the back streets that border as well. Most sell second hand sound systems from bars and clubs etc, but you never know.

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Just thought of a 4th option (and maybe the best). There is a big musical instrument mart in Bujeon near Seomyeon. It's mainly for musicians, but there are also people selling sound systems in there and DJ equipment so even if you can't find exactly what you want they might be able to point you in the right direction. Because it's full of musicians there is also a fairly high level of English there as well!

Link here to Naver Street view. Click the 'x' in the top right to return to map view. Rough directions: Take exit one from Bujeon subway and go straight until you hit Bujeon mainline station. Take a left here and walk along that street and you will see a large warehouse looking building on your right with ramps leading up to it.



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thanks so much for listing it all down. Will probably check it all out . Was going to purchase items from Seoul the next time I am there visiting my In-Laws...but hope to find it in Busan...thks again.

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As others has written here on this issue Busan is not the place you'll find Hifi Shops but I actually found one it's called HifiClub checkout the link http://www.hificlub.co.kr/web10/board/brd_wz_view_n10.asp?pid=10188&lid=100&f_lid=100155&table=brd_10173&ishtml=n,

Post note: I realize the above link is  NOT a store in Busan it is Portal for Hifi News in Korea based in Seoul. 

I bought my Wharfedale Denton speakers in Seoul after searching on Gmarket and got them shipped to Ulsan. Prior to buying I went up to Seoul for listening on speakers at ETland in Yongsan the whole 2nd floor is dedicated to Hifi, new and vintage it's really good but only Korean speaking so use sign language to get by. Secondly I took a taxi to visit another Hifi Shop same issue there with language but it worked well and eventually I bought the speakers from that other shop. 

I suggest you use Gmarket and select what you want to listen to and then seek up the shops in Seoul for look, feel and listen.

Good luck!