Hi Fi Cables/Speaker Cables

I have just recently arrived in Haeundae and will be moving into our apartment this week.  Unfortunately, I did not bring the speaker cables for our hifi/tv sound system.  Is there anywhere that I could buy the necessary cables or even get someone to connect the cables.

Re: Hi Fi Cables/Speaker Cables

I guess you just want generic a/v cables (as opposed to audiophile super expensive stuff)?

Most you can pick up in major supermarkets, or try the numerous big electronics stores around.

If you don't know where these places are yet, post again for directions. I can't right now because I am stuck in France with a crap connection!

Re: Hi Fi Cables/Speaker Cables

Thanks.  I tired the major supermarkets and electronic stores without success.  I have been successful with buying the cable at Nampo-Dong (near Jalcachi and Gukte Market) in Busan where there are plenty electronic stores/stalls.