Help me.- Applying for US universities as an athlethe

Hello .

I am a student in busan who wants to apply US universities as an athlethe.

Specifically, I am korean high school baseball player, and i have no single knowledge for entering US universities as athlethe.

I seriously need some advices. Please help me.

Re: Help me.- Applying for US universities as an athlethe

Well, where shall we start...

1. You must first qualify and be acedemically eligible to attend a US university as well as meet the acedemic eligibilty requirements to compete in the NCAA/NJCAA.

2. Unlike Korean universities, you cannot major in a sport (baseball, basketball, football etc) - you are technically considered a student first and then an athlete, and are addmitted to a university based upon your acedemic record alone, where you must choose an acedemic major to study if enrolled. Even if you are an all-star player ranked #1 nationally, and hold several records in your sport, it doesnt matter. Those achievements might lead to you being offered an athletics scholarship, but even then you must qualify acedemically to be eligible to both attend the university and to compete on their team.

Here are some basic guidlines to be aware of when considering applying for a US college as a foreigner.

- you must meet the college's minimum GPA (minimum GPA requirements for general acedemic addmittance vs. athletic eligibility differ per university - but the NCAA minimum GPA is 2.3 in core courses (16 total)

- 10 of the 16 core courses must be completed by your 7th semester of highschool (7 of the 10 must be in math, science, english)

- You must acheive a minimum score on the SAT/ACT set by the NCAA/NJCAA

- Your original acedemic records in the language of issue or true copies as certified by an appropriate educational authority (foreign and United States).

- All documents (transcripts, annual grade reports,  certificates, statement of marks) representative of secondary-school education should be sent to the eligibility center.
- Allowances (to a degree, but ALWAYS falling into the strict NCAA/ NJCAA regulations) are sometimes made. But these allowance (acedemic redshirt) are made for students who have been offered athletics-related financial aid ie. an athletic scholarship
3. Basically, unless you have been recruited, received and signed a national letter of intent from a US university for a sport in which you receive either a partial or full athletics scholarship, any application will fall under general admitions for international students and will be subject to each university's admitions regulations. If accepted and enrolled, you will be a STUDENT---NOT a student-athlete. But you will have the opportunity to try out for the school's team, at which point you may be offered financial aid in the form of a baseball scholarship. Although the NCAA requires every university to hold open tryouts for enrolled students, the teams are not required to pick any of the tryout players for active competition.
4. Finally, your school should be able to provide you with information in terms of meeting eligibility requirements, SAT/ACT prep and testing centers/schedules and helping you to prepare an addmitions application package to whichever university you are applying to. If you are being recruited, that school will send all of the relevant information, brochures, required documents, application package etc to you personally.
Hope that helps some.