Health Insurance Agent / Good English Dentist (2 questions)

I want to buy suplimental health insurance here in Korea.  I have seen on ESL Cafe that several people buy it.  Can anyone recommend an agent that has good English?


I want to get some work done on my teeth.  Any good English speaking dentists.  My buddy thought he found one but ended up getting butchered and 4 new crowns when that is not even what he went in for.


Thanks and thanks again....

I can't help you on your

I can't help you on your first question, but for dentists check out these links to the old forums, they are pretty comprehensive lists.

Hopefully in the near future we will be merging the old forum with this new one which should make searching for information a little easier.




Does anyone know exsactly what is covered under the standard medical plan in regards to a trip to the dentist.  I'm a public school teacher if that makes a difference.