Health check include HIV test?



I had my medical in July 2016 for my E2 visa. Wouldit have included a HIV test? I do not have it now on me and I have left Korea but I would like to know if they tested me for HIV

Re: Health check include HIV test?

The medical you had included tests for narcotics use and HIV or AIDS. The information is freely available on the government website. You can contact the hospital or clinic that carried out your HIV and get the results sheet again. 

Re: Health check include HIV test?

HI captkorea

I don't know the name of the hospital that did it. I would have to email my employer to find out. However, I received my ARC after the medical so does that mean that my blood tests were clear? No HIV ? I have a fiancee from Asia and I just wondered what my result was. I guess I will have to contact my employer who will think it bizarre asking for the hospital's name and phone no after I have left Korea.

Re: Health check include HIV test?

Yes you were clear at that time of receiving your ARC.

However, it does not mean you are clear now. It's sounds like you quiet worried and been dipping the stick around SE Asia one too many times. Better get another test done. The one that was clear with the issue of your ARC is no longer valid now to say you remain clear.

Good luck mate - wear condoms bro.

Re: Health check include HIV test?

The reason I had to ask about my test in Korea is I am in Taiwan now since Feb 17 and I had to have a medical here too for my ARC here and I asked the hospital but they said you have to consent to a HIV test here and get one from the DRs if you want at HIV test done. So I gather from that that they never did one plus I looked at my results when they came in back in Feb and I couldn't see any HIV test. I am clear I think though cos I have used a rubber johnny since Korea. Ta mate for your info bro though. aha haha haha