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Jin Ramyeon
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Haro Bikes

Anyone know the location in Busan of a bike shop that sells freestyle bikes? I am looking for a Haro F-series, but i'll take what i can get if it's sturdy.


Would appreciate the help. Thanks.

Nice Market
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Bike Shop

There is a good bike shop in Sajik-dong across from the Baseball Stadium called MTB LAND, I know they have 1 DH, it's a Trek, forget which model. Not cheap, but it's been there for ages so you could probably get a good discount. There is also a shop just down the road from them which may have a DH, They're both close to Sajik-Subway Station, Exit 1 go down and hang rt for MTB Land, Exit 2 straight down on the coner of the big intersection for the other place.


I'm a XC rider myself, there are lots of nice spots to do DH, hate to pedal the beast up to the top though! Watch out for hikers on the way down~good luck.

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 For info on other shops in

 For info on other shops in the area where you might get lucky check out this post from the old forums.


To be honest I haven't seen Haro available in Korea, but there are plenty of other top names around. Also you might want to look into the Korean made brand Elfama, really good bikes often with top end components on them since the frames are cheaper. 

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I second the comment about

I second the comment about MTB Land. The guy that works there speaks perfect English and he has ordered a few things for me in the past. So I'm sure he could find the bike you're looking for.