Hapkido in Haeundae

I know this has been posted before but...


Anyone know of a hapkido place in Haeundae area-  preferably close to any subway stop between Centum and jangsan-  I'd like to take some evening classes if possible.



Re: Hapkido in Haeundae

I don't know any hapkido, but if you want Taekwondo I can help you out.

Re: Hapkido in Haeundae

I am interested in knowing where the Taekwondo places that you know of are located. I live by Jangsan subway station. Thanks

Re: Hapkido in Haeundae

Hey, fire me off an email if you're interested in the taekwondo place, it's right near Dongbaek station.  One of the instructor's in American and the owner of the gym speaks perfect English so it is awesome!