Halloween party

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Halloween party

Has anyone heard where Halloween parties are being held this year in Busan?

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Yep. There is going to be a

Yep. There is going to be a 'Pub Crawl' Halloween party in Kyungsung University area. Details are just being finalized now. Will post a new post so check the details there.

Ko Seung Hyun
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Halloween Party with Cass Beer ~~~

The Cass, Beer Company, will have a Halloween Party. You are going to have chance to have korean friends ,as well as, have lots of fun. All benefits derives from this event will be donated to people in need.


When : 10.27 Tue pm. 6 ~ 11

Where : Vinyl Live Club

More information : Nick :010 -9856-1208

                          [email protected]

If you want to see our ads for this event , please visit my blog ^^