Hair Salon in Busan?

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Hair Salon in Busan?


I know this topic has been posted a lot in the past but I haven't seen anything since like, 2010, at least not that comes up in a Google search. So, my question is for the Western ladies out there: Where do you get your haircut in Busan? I went once and I really didn't like what they did to my hair. I have very short hair so it's already difficult to get a good cut back home as it is... 

I tried to get in contact with "The Hair" guy but couldn't, the lady who used to run Soo Casa or whatever is no longer in business. So, in 2017 what are my options?



Thank you!


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Re: Hair Salon in Busan?
I'm also looking for the same. I used to go to Two Two Hair salon in haeundae but the girl who used to speak English and do my hair moved to Ireland. All the other places seem to be in Seoul but that's way too far. :S
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Re: Hair Salon in Busan?

Urban the J in Jangsan (Haeundae) Look for designer Boru. 

**Need to make a reservation beforehand.

I don't think she speaks fluent English but she's really good. 

Take a picture with you and it'll be fine. 

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Re: Hair Salon in Busan?
The English speaking manager Vicky has come back to Two Two hair salon, located in Haeundae, Busan. 
They have Instagram and Facebook page. 
Appointment is also easily made through online. 
Check it out and I hope this information is helpful :)