Gym Partner 운동 같이하는 사람

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Robert Koh
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Gym Partner 운동 같이하는 사람


I'm looking for a gym partner. I have yet to join a gym. I live in Gwang An li and work in Haeundae (Jangsan stop). So any gym around those areas would be good. I'm 29 and just came from Australia.

I'm looking to do weight training, basically just wanna get buff. 

I'd prefer to train with someone male, of any age and any level. I've been on and off to the gym for a few years now, so have some basic idea of what I'm doing, but welcome more advanced people too. The main requirement is that you are motivated and committed.

I work Monday/Wednesday/Friday 2-8pm, so I can train anytime outside of these hours.

If you can speak Korean, that would be great, as I want to practice my Korean. Otherwise it's no big deal. 

You can contact me via kakao ID - rjtkoh2

제이름이 Rob 이에요. 29 살이에요. 호주에서왔어요.

저는 광안리에서 살고 해운대에서 일해요.

월. 수. 금. 오후 2시부터 8시까지 일하고 이시간 외에 광안리랑 해운대 사이에있는 헬스장에서 같이 웨이트 운동할수있는 친구 찾아요.

나이는 상관없어요. 같은 남자친구였으면 좋겠어요. 영어공부 하고싶고 같이 운동하고싶으면 연락해주세요

저는 한국어 배우고싶어요.

카톡- rjtkoh2

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Re: Gym Partner 운동 같이하는 사람

Hi, I'm not much use to you this year but will be moving to Seoul in August 2015 and if you're still looking for a workout ppartner then I'll be interested. I'm 30, Irish, and need motivation to workout so a workout partner would be great. I'm learning Korean this year before I head over.