Gym in Gimhae?

Hi I know there is another question about this, but that was focused more on Busan area.

I am moving to Gimhae on Thursday as an ESL teacher.

I was wondering if any of you know of any gyms in Gimhae? I haven't had any luck when I've searched for any.

Re: Gym in Gimhae?


Well in my opinion and experience I recommand you the elementary school playground for the suitable place of your exercise. Usually it is opened to the normal public people during whole day in Korea. So lots of korean people including me enjoy the exercise at the playground without no fee at the huge ground after the work until the late evening. For instance running, push-up, chin-up. As you know Korea is so small nation for the good facility of the exercise, especially inside of every city. There are lots of reasons of course. It is better than longtime ago.:( 

Anyway my suggestion is to use the public elementary school playground without no payment for you.

Re: Gym in Gimhae?

it kinda depends on what are of gimhae you're in...believe it or not, that's a pretty spread out city.  it also depends on what ur budget is as koreans think that expensive means good.  if you go to the top floor of the 'hue n' rock' building...that's the building with the CGV theater...there is an upscale fitness center that runs about 100K a month.  there is also a fairly new one in sam-gyae-dong that offers a golf driving facility, squash and more.  i believe the membership for this place is somewhere in the neighborhood of 120K a month.